the messy, messy path of passion

It was 2008.

My first business.

My husband had drawn the logo. My web designer had made a really pretty website. And I was totally passionate about helping women get happier by eating “better.”

So I started a blog.


And I wrote.

I wrote about my passion:  food and self-care and self-love. I wrote about eating healthfully and pleasure and getting lots of rest. I wrote about what I cared about.

And I naively believed that was enough. That my passion and my work would somehow become known to the world, folks would find me and I would make a lot of money.

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7 ways to sell that are not sleazy, manipulative or gross (part 2)

It was 2am.

I couldn’t sleep.

I was two weeks in to my very first telesummit. You know the kind? I interview an expert. With every interview we give away a ton of incredible, free content. And then the expert sells something.

Seemed like a fair exchange to me.

But then I got that email.

Maybe you know the one?

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to sell is to serve (part 1)

To Sell...

I was at an event recently with a fairly well known business coach. She was talking about money, our blocks to money, and how to sell.

When it got to the selling part she said she doesn’t use the word “sell.” She prefers invitation or offer.

This made my belly tighten and my brow furrow in frustration.

Not because she uses the word invitation or offer but because of what it says about selling.

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how to run a business. authentically.

When I write to you I sit in my own little space, hundreds and possibly thousands of miles from you. But I write to you as if you are here, across from me: as if I’m looking into your eyes and speaking to your heart.

It’s how I stay authentic in my business.

And I know, because you’re here, that you value that too. That you value depth, honesty and truth.

In short, you value authenticity.

I also know how difficult it is to be authentic. Especially in business.

We create for people we may not know. We write for folks we cannot see. And we sell to people we may never meet.

Which is why I created this week’s video: how to be authentic in your business. Watch it below.

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Making $ as an entrepreneur: when is enough, enough?

Making $ as an enterprneneur_

Ever notice how much entrepreneurs talk about money?

…how much someone is making

…how much someone could be making and

…what it takes to make it

Money is a major player in the entrepreneurial world.

And rightfully so.

We need money to live. We need money to grow our business. And we all want money to feel safe, secure and enjoy life.

But when, in this world where the sky is the limit, is enough, enough?

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